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Trust Our Family to Take Care of Yours

Learn about our family medicine practice in Odessa, TX

Doctors who practice family medicine, also called general medicine, can serve a wide range of health care needs, including preventive care and chronic disease management. You can trust our doctors to be here for you, your children and your elderly relatives.

View our FAQ below to learn more about the practice of family medicine.

What happens if you or a loved one has to go to the hospital?

If you need to go to the hospital, Trinity Family Medicine can coordinate your care. We'll stay in touch with the hospital staff and make sure you receive the proper care when you leave.

How often should you and your family see the doctor?

Trinity Family Medicine recommends that each patient see their physician at least once a year for an annual physical. Our doctors will create a custom treatment schedule based on your overall health. If you or a loved one needs care right away, take advantage of our urgent care clinic as needed.

What type of care can we provide to your family?

Our doctors and our general medicine specialists in Odessa, TX will provide you and your family with exceptional care at all times. Count on us to help you with annual exams, well woman exams, immunizations, weight loss issues and more.

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