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Don't Wait Until Your Condition Worsens

Come to our urgent care center in Odessa, TX today

Some ailments are too serious to wait for an appointment with your physician. If you or a family member needs to see a doctor right away, visit Trinity Family Medicine in Odessa, TX. We're a full-service urgent care center that can treat your condition right away.

To learn more about our urgent care services, read the FAQ below.

What's included in our urgent care services?

Trinity Family Medicine offers a wide range of urgent care services. You can trust doctors to treat your:

  • Lacerations
  • Abrasions
  • Asthma issues
  • Sprains

How serious is too serious for urgent care?

If you believe your injury or illness is life-threatening, visit the nearest emergency room right away. If your injury or illness isn't life-threatening but still requires quick attention, come to Trinity Family Medicine. Examples of urgent situations include sprains and cuts.

Why should you get an X-Ray during your visit?

Our urgent care center often takes X-Rays when you come in with an ailment. In addition to helping doctors identify possible bone fractures, X-Rays can help them identify joint abnormalities, heart conditions, pneumonia, irregular fluid pockets and even tumors.

Visit Trinity Family Medicine in Odessa, TX now to meet with our urgent care specialists right away.